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Montgomery’s Downtown Business Association is a 501 (c)3, formed in 2010 by Downtown business leaders to give business owners a “voice” and “vision” for Downtown Montgomery.


Our mission is to inform, connect, advance, and advocate for stakeholders and shareholders in Downtown Montgomery. Our city has seen exciting retail, residential, and commercial growth in recent years, and improving the quality of life and business confidence is essential in maintaining the growth and momentum for years to come. 


Join us, as we all try to improve our hometown and our downtown!

Letter from the President


Dear Montgomerians,

Our rich history and current opportunities lead us straight to the doorstep of shaping our identity as a city and the future of our country. So you ask, what does Downtown Montgomery have to do with that? Everything!

From the building walls that heard a telegraph launch the first strike of the civil war to a view directly across the street of the place where a brave women who boarded an evening bus decided to look oppression in the face and say no, Montgomery’s past has proven to be ground zero of our country’s conscious and the continual progress of our democracy. Those constitutional progressions have always seemed to route themselves through our businesses and values. From the economic diversity that was born out of painful decades of community perseverance and love to now experiencing award winning multicultural restaurants, world class residential development, a vibrant arts scene, a championship minor league baseball club, a booming technology industry and innovative infrastructure, Downtown Montgomery is now poised to show the world how powerful businesses can be when communities embrace each other, collectively contribute towards healthy economic development and working together towards an identity rooted in strong American values.
Downtown Montgomery can easily be found in history books throughout the globe. Today, the Downtown Business Association wants to show the world once again how we are not only making history but creating a brighter future for all mankind through a business community that anyone from around the world can come to work, live, play, develop and embrace!

Lastly, our vision of this downtown community cannot be built alone. Our ask is for you to join our mission in writing the next chapter of our downtown’s story. You can do this by simply visiting our website at or app, become a member and spread the word about how we plan to change the world once again. No matter who you are professionally or where you are geographically, a piece of everyone’s story can be found in Downtown Montgomery, AL. It’s now our time to tell our story as one unified voice through building healthy businesses and a strong community! 


Jonathan Avant, President

DBA Board Members

DBA Board 2019.jpg

Meet the DBA Board

(L-R) Miles Smith representing Escapology, Felicia Reed-Taylor representing Alabama State University's Division of Continuing Education, Ashley Jernigan representing JDB Hospitality, LLC, Mike Murphy representing Montgomery Biscuits Baseball, Justin Hampton representing Montgomery Education Foundation, John Foshee representing Foshee Architecture, LLC, Tara Essary representing Cahawba House, Electra Henry representing Theraquatics, Jonathan Avant representing BBVA, Clay McInnis representing Commerce Consulting & Montgomery City Council District 7, Hanna Kathryn Brown representing Prevail Union Montgomery, Jeff Poynor representing Renaissance Montgomery Hotel and Spa, Rob Reynolds representing Robert D. Reynolds, LLC, Josie Russell Young representing Russell Construction of Alabama, Inc., Darlene Dixon representing Cumulus Media, Victoria L. Belton representing STAMP Idea Group

Not featured: Kristen J. Gillis representing Means Gillis Law, P.C., Steven Lambert representing Handshake Union, Michael Shaw representing MST Accounting, Andy Flowers representing Starke Insurance, and Boyd Stephens representing Netelysis

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photo by Joshua Whitman

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P.O. 1807

Montgomery, AL 36102

Tel: 334.850.1101

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